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::: Takamatsu Trip - Day 1 :::
Jane and I went to Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture.
We planned this trip about 5 days ago. It was a bit rushy to organise but we finally made it.

The budget was about 10000yen icluding return bus fee and accomodation 1night 2 days. Plus food.

Matsushima is the access point to visit Naoshima-Island, Shodoshima-Island and Oniga-shima(Megijima-Island) where Demons used to hide.
Momotaro story is based on this island.

We left Osaka about 8am and arrived Takamatsu city at 10:30am on the same day. It was only 2.5 hours bus ride.

First we visited information center near Takamatsu Station. And the lady suggested us to visit Onigashima Island. But unfortunately the ferry to Onigashima has already gone when we arrived. And we had to wait for 2 hours for the next ferry. So we decided to explor Takamatsu City.

We rent a bike at the Takamatsu Station and rode around the city.
There was big arcade in the central area where we stayed.
Then we went to visit Takamatsu Joshi where Takamatsu castle used to be there. It was burnt down and there was only Yagura there.

It was time to catch our ferry to the Demon Island. We park our bikes at Takamatsu Joshi and caught a ferry over the Onigashima Island.
There was a cave where the demons used to hide. We went there and took some photos there.
To the cave we used the bus that costs 600yen return and admission to the cave is 500yen. It was interesting but I kinda of felt that is just another attraction for the tourinsts that made me a bit boring...
Anyway the whole ferry ride was excellent. I loved it!
After we arrived Takamatsu port Jane and I was so hungry and you know Shikoku's famouse dish is UDON noodle. Jane and I found the nice and cheap udon place near our hotel and eat there. The Udon Called Sanuki-udon which is much tastier than normal udon and just so delicious...
Jane ordered Curry-Udon.
I ordered Tsukimi-bukkake which has soft boiled egg with noodle.
After eating nice tasty udon noodle, we were so full so we decide to walk around the city. Finally we get to the port and went to Takamatsu Tower Building on the top floor. Yes the view was just amazing. I loved the view from here.
This is Takamatsu port.
This is Takamatsu city
Jane got bored after and she wanted to visit light hosue in the heavy rain. We walked about 10 minutes and finally reached the light house.This light house is made out of glass and they call it is rare to see such a light house anywhere the world.
This is the night view from the light house toward the city.

by shania2004 | 2006-08-31 23:01 | Travel/トラベル
::: Family Time :::
I had a great time with Tetsu's family over 3 days.

They were really easy going and offcorse cool.

I will introduce this one first.
Tetsu's GF = Roop, nick name is roo-chan.
And another GF = Chapi.
she just likes to hide inside the toilet when stranger comes. No one allowed to bother her because she is too old to bother... 20 years old...

First day we went out for Nagoya castle as you see another day's blog.
Then on that day we went to the summer bon festival at Tet's mum's hospital.

After we enjoyed the moment at the festival we went to TEBASAKI place, hehehe. Fu-Rai-Bo is the name of the deep fried chicken wings place where I love to eat!!! The seasoning of the chicken is just amazing. So yummy. It was too yummy to take photos.(Sorry just I was busy to eat them...)

On the next day Tet's mum had a day off so his parents and us four went to play at a driving range for 2 hours then we picked up his grandma at her apartment and went to eat SUSHI!!!!

This is famous ANAGO sushi shop "Yoshi Zushi" that his father loves.
This is so soft and it will just melt in your mouth. Here is the photo of ANAGO(Fresh water errl.)
Here is the photo after 10 minutes. Everyone knows that yummt thing goes fast...
Here is Tetsu's family: from left, Tet's Dad, Mum and Grandma.

by shania2004 | 2006-08-23 23:17 | Travel/トラベル
::: Nagoya Castle :::
We visited Tetsu's mum and dad for few days.
It was hot but nice.

Nagoya Castle
Golden Dolphin
This castle is so hightech! There is modern stairs like this!
and More! there was photo shooting spot for the custmors, like this. Well I was so excited.

This is Tetsu's loved one.


by shania2004 | 2006-08-23 20:14 | Travel/トラベル
::: Tarako QP UFO Catcher :::
I love this charactor TARAKO QP.

I found this UFO Catcher machine at the archade towards Tetsu's place.
So Tetsu tried once and got two of them.

Now it was my turn to try on.

Hehehe, I caught 3 of them.

Well I put 5 of them on my mob but it looks pretty stupid so finally I separated them and put them everywhere. Now she is mostly being my key rings.


by shania2004 | 2006-08-20 20:06 | Comments/ひとこと
::: Flower from my boy :::
It was such a big surprise.
I was so happy to receive this.
I love flowers.

Thanks Tetsu!


by shania2004 | 2006-08-15 23:51 | Diary/日記
::: Working Holiday Visa has approved :::
This is my first step to my dream too.
I applied Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand last months and it has been approved finally.

There was a little bit of problem happened that they made mistake with my gender... but it has sorted out now.

I decided to quit my job at the end of this year and go back home for few weeks and leave to Perth first to visit my friends.

Then find my way to Auckland from there.

I don't like accurate plan so I just let myself be, take it easy and have fun.

But I have a dream to try do portraites while I travel in NZ.
And from now on after my birthday on the 26th, I will practice driving with my BF + his car. I totally forgot how to drive hehehe.
Dangerous eh?

Well wait and see. I will do my best.
Please keep your finger crossed for my driving.
by shania2004 | 2006-08-10 18:49 | Diary/日記
::: Painting purchased by my work :::
Thank God!
My boss organised with the other worker to purchase my painting to put on the comunal room at my work.
It is great.

I ordered the professional picture framer to done it up.

Finally it is put on the wall yesterday.
I am so happy that someone can enjoy my work.
by shania2004 | 2006-08-09 18:34 | Diary/日記