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::: 恋愛と仕事 :::

I was told by a temporary worker today.


"Be in mind that you are not allowed to go out with other temporary staff. Just incase if you didn't know..."


Well what does it happen if I do or don't.
Am I getting fired or what?


I have been living so hard being like a door mat through my divoce but saving money by working like a dog to study at Uni and painting by going through the hardle over the cultural and language barrier.
Do they really think that having a boyfriend at work really does make proplem with my job?


Well what happen if you can not work for a day because someone died or I have a wedding celemony to attend or going to a honey moon. Don't they affects your work???
This is jus such a stupid thing to be told and it doen't even included in my agreement. I wouldn't listen it becasue it is nothing to be worried about.

Thing is it is just annoying that everyone wants gossip from others and making some problems for others to be ablet to make profit out of it... Saaaad thoughts.
by shania2004 | 2006-02-28 14:21 | Comments/ひとこと
::: Sick :::
I have been sick for a long time, I guess I need to have time off by myself.

I decided to have my own time today and uploading this data from home.
I will do a bit of painting this afternoon and take it easy...
My throat is still sore...

I went to see a doctor yesterday and he told me to keep warm.
Yes our house is not really warm and it is still cold in JAPAN...WINTER will be over soon but it doesn't happen so quickly like in OZ.
by shania2004 | 2006-02-25 13:35 | Thoughts
::: Alcyon in TENMA :::
This is famous cake shop in TENMA I heard from Mori-san who is my colliegue. My BF bought me this to see my smile.
I am so lucky to have this rich and beautiful cake...

Mmmmmmm, I can not go on a diet anymore.
It was so nice....

Thanks for my darling and sorry for my body...
Well that's too bad.
I am happy to have them. Hehehe.

by shania2004 | 2006-02-20 13:38 | Bar&Restaurants
::: NAGOYA Trip Day 3 :::
We left my BF's parents place around lunch time.
It went so quick.
But I liked Nagoya so much. They are different.

I like waired stuff.

My BF was driving all the way to Osaka by himself because he doesn't trust my driving who has gold drivers lisence.

So I start taking photos on the way to Osaka.

Pupi-ko >> Pupi-ko and Panada-san

Snow on top of mountain

Oh we bought cold and flu tablets and it came with that.
He liked to keep it so I let him do it.
this caractor called CONTAC-san

by shania2004 | 2006-02-18 13:21 | Travel/トラベル
::: NAGOYA Trip Day 2 :::
We decided to go to MORNING which is famouse in NAGOYA.
If you go to cafe and order MORNING then they will serve a cup of coffee with a breakfast dish such as toast with salad.


This is unique custom in Nagoya and it doesn't really happen anywhere else. So I wanted to experience Morning oneday and now it is the time to do it.

We went to the cafe near my BF's parents place called "Kome-no-Hana/Rice Flower" and order Morning. I order hot chocolate for a drink and he ordered a cup of coffeee. They served us a dish with a slice of toast and salad and bacon and egg together. It is not a big plate but I was so excited that they actually served us this complementary dish.

I hope you will wake up early and order this if you are in Nagoya.

I know my friend Graham is really interested trying this, eh?

After we had Morning, we were headding off to Italian Village.
My BF is from Nagoya but he's never been there so we decided to visit there. It was great place but I guess it is too cold to visit in Winter because it is by the Nagoya port and the wind was just tooo cold...

Even worse that I tried gellato there outside. Afterall I had stomach ache from eating this...
Anyway we had fun there and left to check NAGOYA port and the shop by the port.
My BF and me decided to see his best friend who just had sone born in Dec. But before then we went to YAMAMOTOAYA which is famous for Miso-nikomi-udon noodle dish. Hehehe look at me. I look so happy.
His friend's name is Mase-san who is same age as my BF and who is great father.
Look at this photo he looks so happy.

Now this is second custom in NAGOYA. If you go to cafe and order a drink, they serve pees or nuts with it.
I didn't believe it such a thing but for NAGOYA people they can not believe that the cafes don't serve any nuts with a drink order...

So this is the evidence.

Once we left this coffee shop, he said this photo looks like that lady was spying us...What do you think?
Well we don't know she is really doing that or not, it doesn't matter anyways we are innocent people.

My BF's father offered us to go and eat erl dish called "Hitsumabushi" which is also famous dish in NAGOYA and there is a role to eat this dish.
First one is plane. Second serve with seasoning. Third one with a soup with seasoning. I enjoyed this so much, and thanking you for this Otosan.

Bowl 1 >> Bowl 2 >> Bowl 3

by shania2004 | 2006-02-17 12:50 | Travel/トラベル
::: NAGOYA Trip Day 1 :::
Me and my BF left Osaka tonight.
I finished work a bit later than usual so we were late to arrive in Nagoya.
Us and my BF's parents went to FURAIBO which is famouse for deepfried seasoned chicken wings dish. We ordered for 8 people and finished within 1 hour...

They were great but we were too busy eating and didn't take any photos.

I met my BF's parents and had a glass of beer together.
It was so cool that we had a great time together.
They were really nice and really easy going people.

My BF just sent me this photo.
He took this because I was too busy eating...

by shania2004 | 2006-02-16 23:42 | Travel/トラベル
::: Rinku Outlet Shopping Centre :::


We went to Rinku Outlet Shopping Centre near Kansai Air Port.
It was beautiful day but bloody cold.
We knew it is outlet but still too expensive to buy anything.


I was interested in this tiger.
I might say myaw than grrrrr...


by shania2004 | 2006-02-10 12:34 | Travel/トラベル
::: Tetsu My BF :::


by shania2004 | 2006-02-09 18:04 | Photo Album/写真館