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::: Monday Mornig :::
It's my day off today. I got up about 8am then had a good long hot shower to wake my body up, put load of clothes in the washing machine and turned the switch on.

Now I just put the espresso machine on the stove to make morning coffee, and soon I will be having my fresh waulnuts bread with that.
Nice aroma of coffee filled this room...mmmm I don't think I can resist.
I am gonna have it now.
by shania2004 | 2005-11-21 09:03 | Diary/日記
::: Something Artistic from Kyoto :::
I LOVED this poster.
It was hang at the entrance of Bar/Restaurant.

Another one at the Local Tofu Shop ads.
This old couple owns this Tofu shop. I could feel the sweetness of this couple. So cute.

You can translate whatever you want. It is the shop ad I found in the street.

by shania2004 | 2005-11-17 22:31 | Art/アート関係
::: Lunch at chinoise chu-ka :::
I met my fried from Perth, we were working at the same Japanese restaurant for a while.

She booked nice creative-chinese style restaurant called "Chinoise Chu-ka" at Umeda for today.
Full course menu started off with antipasto of Scallops and Tomato's salad and Deep fried shrimp spring roll with plum source.
Then Scallop and egg soup.

We chose panfried pork with orange source which had thin sliced deep fried crispy wonton skin with a sprinkle of pink whole pepper and Kyoto spring onion egg noodle soup for main dishes. They were so delicious.

Desert and coffee were all you can eat.
Desert was also freshly made at the shop and really nice.
I tried whole different ones (they were tiny so everyone can do I guess.) and had black coffee with that.

Chika and I talked a lot and I really enjoyed the time and meal with her.
I love food, and I always feel it is one of the expression of art.
This is art.

Balance and harmony in the taste, scent and texture etc etc...
I am sure I will put on waight so easily here....
by shania2004 | 2005-11-11 18:43 | Bar&Restaurants
::: Dramatic change to Geisha Girls :::
Jane and her friends made their mind to book for the place in Kyoto where they can change to Geisha Girls to take pictures.
I got pissed off for the first time I rang them and I wasn't gonna go, but then on the other hand I wanted to take pictures for Jane because I promised her to do it for her.

Well, I finally decided to go with them.
Tif, Anne, Kate and Jane were pretty in Kimono and enormous wig they were wearing. It looked so unconfortable to me and they felt the same way... Kate's BF Jerome and I were sitting in the waiting room until they change... It finally took over 3.5 hours...

I was so bored there, the DVD they played only once and never repeated. The place was really crowded with other customers.
I am so sure that they are making a lot of money on this business.

Most of the customers were Japanese. Mainly women.
Boy doesn't seem to be interested much. But patient enough to wait for his GF forever...

I realised men need patience.

So after Jerome and I took pictures for them we took off to the little outside cafe owned by a local ladies and sat down and had cofee and bagles. I said to the lady that I really liked that space there and how many days does she open this shop. She said whenever she feels like...

As soon as I heard this, I loved this space.
Ladies were really honest and nice. I just felt warmth of people's heart.

We were planning to visit Arashiyama area to have a look at the autumn leaves, but this year was a bit warmer than last year, it wasn't ready.
The lady from this cafe said that the end of this month will be the best time to visit and I am definitely going back there to visit.

We ate late lunch and had BaskinRobbins Ice Cream then took train home.
Jane and I invited everyone for playing the monopoly.
We opened 2 bottles of wines and played until late.
It had a great time at the end.
by shania2004 | 2005-11-10 18:25 | Travel/トラベル
::: Un-professional :::
I was amazed by the quality of customer services in Japan so many times after I came back from Australia, until tonight.

I rang up 2 places to ask questions on Maiko-trial photo plans.
None of them made any point for their plans, then even more worse, they were not nice over the phone.

I felt they were not professional enough to deal with customers. Too BAD.
I decided not going there. I strongly feel it is not the right thing to do for me at least.

I can kind of imagine because of the place, KYOTO. Very traditional, in other words, stone headed ones.

I feel sorry for Jane and her friends but I think my instinct is right.
by shania2004 | 2005-11-08 22:19 | Comments/ひとこと
::: Little Korean Town Tsuruhashi :::
We got up early today. Jane asked me to go and visit one of her friend at Umeda who is leaving Osaka for good and wanted us to look at her stuff if any of us were interested in keeping.
Dawn was waiting on the street for us. We met up at 10am then went to her flat. Jane and I were planning to carry stuff home by train but realised that they were too big to carry and they were still using them.

So we left there with empty hands.

Jane wanted to look around the new shopping building near Umeda station called [nu], so we went there but it wasn't open until 11am. So we decided to have coffee at Tully's Coffee until then..

We took off after the awaking coffees to the shopping building but the shops there were kind of out of our price range.
So now what do we do? We looked at each other.

Jane suddenly broke the silence and said LET'S GO TO LITTLE KOREA!!!
So here we were, we took train from Osaka to Tsuruhashi Station with JR.
and visited little local shops there.

Found really cheap ramen shop ate lunch set there cost less than 400yen, whether you believe or not.

We bought Kimchee and I bought Chanja.
It was delicious when we tried at the front of the shop.
I practiced my Korean with the guy, but only thank you and hello in Korean. Well I think that's better than nothing, eh?

I liked this place and I will bring my camera definitely for the next time.
My friend Graham will love this place!
by shania2004 | 2005-11-04 21:40 | Travel/トラベル
::: Sannomiya, Nishinomiya-kitaguchi :::
I went to Sannomiya to meet up with my friend Mariko there.
We walked Motomachi arcade, China town and Mosaic Town/Habor Land.
It was nice walking and talking with her.

Jane invited Kate, Jerome and Anne over to our place and she had already asked me if we want to join to play the board game called The Risk.

So I suggested Mariko if she wants to join in the afternoon.
She said it's cool so we went home.

They were just starting the first game, me and Mariko watched the first game but joined the second game.
This is world domination game. Kate got scared to play. It is the war game...

Anyway for the second round we all played and took long time to finish but it was really fun to play together.
We still have conversation for playing board game rather than playing the TV game, that's one thing I realised.

After the game we all went to Nishinomiya Kitaguchi for a drink at Izakaya called Fujiya. Anne wanted to book this place for her birthday on the 22nd.
So I helped her doing this procedure.
She was happy to see the plaec and booked for 15 people.
I was invited, and I am sure I will have fun then.

Finally we decided to go home, but Kate got free drink ticket from Fujiya and suggested us to have one more drink for free at the bar.
So why not! We went there ordered free drinks.
I got Campari Orange. It was a nice bar. I enjoyed there.
I think I will go back sometime soon.

Anyway when we got home it was almost midnight.
Then my night was over I slept like dead after.
by shania2004 | 2005-11-03 21:27 | Travel/トラベル
::: Elizabeth Town Preview :::

I won the movie preview ticket for Elizabeth Town.
Jane and I decided to meet up in front of Mido-Kaikan at Honmachi, Osaka.

Movie was starting from 6:30pm.



My work was until 6pm and it was impossible to bring myself there by then, but 7pm.

I finished work and half running to the station, caught a train to Osaka, then changed line to sub-way to Honmachi. I was running to Mido-kaikan.
Jane was waiting for me with a bag of sandwiches and bottles of water for this special occasion.


So here we are, we were entring the door, then one of the staff stopped us.


You can not enter after 30 min because you might disturb other people.


I said nothing but gaizing her face with my PLEASE look, but it didn't work.



Jane and I gave up and left there then we walked through the archade lead to Shinsaibashi. We finally went to America Mura then had dinner around there and came home.
It was pity that we couldn't see that movie with our efforts.
But what can you do? Nothing...
by shania2004 | 2005-11-02 21:22 | Movie/Drama:映画/ドラマ
::: ゴキでた :::

























by shania2004 | 2005-11-01 22:01 | Comments/ひとこと