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::: Okaeri (welcome back) dinner :::
It was nice to have dinner with all my family in Japan.
I missed them a lot and off course food as well.

We went to have dinner at Kitagawa Japanese Restaurant which is about 10 minutes walk from my parents' place. Titane was pretty impressed by food and Japanese traditional interior with Tatami mats and so on.
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::: Welcoming Dinner :::
My brother and sister in law with their daughter picked us up at the airport.
That was great to see them again.

Went out for dinner at the Japanese restaurant near my parents’ place.
I forgot to take camera with me so didn’t have any photo…Bummer.
It was so special because it was my brother’s birthday yesterday and Titane and my welcoming dinner.
Thanks mama and papa.
by shania2004 | 2005-05-11 18:25 | Travel/トラベル
::: Last day @ KL :::
It was our last day today in KL.
We went to shopping for a little while in the afternoon.
Titi got me a tea table, that was so nice.
Thanks Titi.

Titi bought souvenirs again for her family.
We were planning to go to the art galleries but finally got tired and had a little time for it so didn’t go.
But we had a relaxed time at the swimming pool again.
We went to the Chinese stool shop again to have good fried vegies.
It was the best vegies too.


Eating eating.

The chef gave us a plate of Papaya.
That was so sweet. So lucky.

Malaysian people are so nice.
I really enjoyed staying in KL do nothing.
by shania2004 | 2005-05-10 18:22 | Travel/トラベル
::: China Town Again :::
We decided to do our own plan today.
I went out by myself to buy nice Chinese tea.
Tried 4 taxies to go to china town and all of them were trying to rip me off by refusing to use their meters. Finally I got on the fifth one which was green taxi, then went to China Town.
The driver was so nice.
This is the entrance of China town.

I came home with my tea pot/cup set and tea and a bit of souvenirs for my family.
Titi was already at the hotel.

We were both exhausted but had fun.
We went out for dinner together.
There was a little stool shop right in front of the hotel.
I tried the wet pho-fan with egg source. It was sooooo nice.
The best I ever had.
by shania2004 | 2005-05-09 18:20 | Travel/トラベル
::: Shopping at China Town :::
Had lazy day at hotel.
Swimming pool really made us relax and happy.
We believe that we were washed by the sound of water.


We met French couple by the swimming pool and they took a photo of me and Titane.

Went out for shopping in China town together.
China town is famous for night markets. Yes that was so good everything is so cheap here.
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::: @ KL :::
We booked Radius International Hotel in Bukit Bintang in central KL.
Buffet style breakfast were included.

Croissant was great…I look so happy.

We stayed by the swimming pool.
I found interesting wall and the scene of flats that’s inspiring my artistic creativity.

Rain started. We came back to our room.
I found my teddy, looking so happily in bed.


We went out in the evening after the heavy rain.
Titane tried king of fruits drains which she calls “stinky balls.”
I can read her smile has a bit of confusion…Don’t you agree?


On the way back to the hotel.
Titi looks so happy.

This is night view of KL which photographed from hotel room.

I was dieing for LAKSA.
We went out for dinner just around the corner of the hotel.


I found cat on the street.
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::: Arrived KL in Malaysia :::
Left perth at 8:30am.
It was nice to see everyone at the airport for seeing me off.
I appreciated for that so much.


Bye-bye Perth.

Titane and I arrived in KL about 4:30pm.
When we got out from the arrival gate, there were so many taxi drivers waiting to catch customers.
It is really amazing...

But we were wise enough to catch airport coach bus from KL to the Chow So Lin Bus terminal, then got a taxi to the Radius International Hotel in Bukit Bingtang.
We were pretty chickened out for everything as usual but made it finally.
Got checked in the hotel and ate yummy fried rice just across the road from our hotel. It was really cheap like 2.5RM.
by shania2004 | 2005-05-06 23:30 | Travel/トラベル
::: Farewell Dinner :::
Thanks guys having me for your friend...
Dinner was so nice. Kev cooked Korean noodle dish called chap-che and Robin cooked me a crispy and tasty deep fried squid.

Thanks for your thoughtful presents. That was just wonderful.

I will keep all the good memory with those melodies and photos.

Thanks thanks !!!

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::: Sister :::
9時には寝てしまうあなただけど、こうして一緒に生活をしてみると、なるほど、手に取るように分かります。小さな子供の面倒を見ながら色々な事をこなしていくのは、あなたにとってはとても大変な事でしょう。人はそれぞれキャパシティーがちがっているのです。一つの許容量を見てしまったら、きりがない。比べる事、卑下する事、そんなことしか出来ないのですからね。あなたの一生懸命が100%なのは証明しましょう。レイジーだ、なんだのなんて、気にしてはだめ。他の奥さんはこんな事も出来るとか比べたって、きりがない。全て、Take things easyにいこうね。

Thanks my sister for spending your time with me for the last 5 days of Australia.
I can see your life really clearly now and understand you will need to go to bed by 9pm.
It must have been really hard for you to look after little kids and do all sorts of things at the same time.
I can see that everyone has own capacity. If you get measured with their ruler, you might ended up with comparing and judging down for others. I can definitely see your 100% by looking at you and I can be your evidence to proof. So don’t worry about what other say. You are not lazy. Stop comparing other housewives’ capacities. Just take things easy and slowly for you. Life is in your hand. You can slow it down whenever you want.

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::: Sayonara with Akiko, Trevor, Colin and Gao :::
I worked all day today. Akiko came in with Sushi rolls for me and Trevor.
It was really nice!!! Thank you Akiko-san. Also she made me special kitchen towel with Koala bear on it. Trevor let me choose one T shirt for remembering him. I got read T shirt with cute letters on it. Thanks Trevor-san for looking after me and support me always. Colin and Gao came to say bye bye to me and Titane before we leave. It was great to see Gao. I really enjoyed talking with him. I wish all the best for him. Off course Swann and Ellie is always great so cute!!!
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